Clean Out of Place (COP) solutions

Calgiene cleaning equipment manufacturing and servicing

Calgiene is a proud reseller of our sister company Euro Pumps cleaning machinery. Making Calgiene the only Australian cleaning contractor with its own cleaning equipment manufacturing and servicing department.

EP-50-75.SRT Mobile Cleaning Unit Mk 4

Our Mobile cleaning units, Tub and crate washes, Board washes and CIP solutions are used by major food manufacturers Australia wide. This gives us enormous advantage in being able to provide the exact solution needed to affectively clean your facility or product. And allows us to think outside the square to develop a smarter and more efficient way of carrying out whatever cleaning process is required.

We Design, Manufacture, Install and Service

  • SRT Mobile Wash & Foaming Trolley (Link to Products)
  • Crate Washing Systems
  • Cutting Board Systems
  • Contra Shear CIP Upgrades
  • CIP Cleaning Systems
  • Oven Cleaning System
  • Fryer Cleaning System
  • Spiral Freezer Belt Cleaner
  • Bucket Elevator Cleaning System
  • Central Plant Foaming Systems
  • High Efficiency Hand Tools
  • Waterproof Equipment Covers
  • Central Foaming System Upgrade
  • And Custom-Tailored Cleaning Solutions

If you’ve got a cleaning problem that is proving hard to beat give us a call and book an on-site visit with one of our consultants

Euro Pumps Cleaning Equipment
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