Calgiene Cleaning Improvement Consulting Services

Calgiene Consultant two types of consulting services Water use and water efficiency and Cleaning practices and efficiency focusing specifically on Meat industry, Food processing, Dairy industry and Horticulture (bulk vegetable seedlings). Both of Calgiene Consultants have more than 20 years’ experience in the food industry.

Water use and water efficiency

Calgiene Consultant will visit your plant, to measure water use to better identify hidden issues (normally over 24~48hrs or more) once we understand what your water use challenges are, we make recommendations to develop training, equipment upgrades or customised systems so that your business can operate and grow effectively.



Cleaning practices and efficiency

Calgiene Consultant will visit your plant, to observe cleaning staff in operation, track labor efficiency and water use to identify process improvements and any critical cleaning issues. we provide written report of observations made with recommendations for staff training, equipment or systems upgrades, so that you achieve the highest levels food safety at the lowest cost.

Need a Customised Solution?

Arrange for one of our consultants to call you back to discuss your individual cleaning needs. We can cater for all type of business cleaning needs. 

Calgiene Youve all ready eaten off the surfaces weve cleaned

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