Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

More than 20 years ago Calgiene started as Field Contracting and we continue to carry out cleaning contracts today.  These years of hands-on cleaning experience in the challenging abattoir, small goods and food-preparation environments has equipped us to deal with even the toughest jobs.

Export quality food cleaning

We are always improving our export quality food cleaning systems, processes, and equipment. Our engineering division further fine tune our equipment, and our training manager improve our programs to ensure we remain the best in the market, while still being the most water and chemical efficient soloution available.

Faster Cleaning = More Production

Our expert team gets your factory super clean with the minimal amount of down time. All our processes meet with AQIS and Export criteria, every single cleaning cycle. We pride ourselves on our relentless consistency and eye for detail.

  • A Euro Pumps managed cleaning cycle can be completed in 4 hours.
  • This allows for maximum productivity, and
  • the ability to production cycles to run up to 20 hours per day.
Euro Pumps Foaming Gun

Using LESS labour, water and chemical

In an independently verified study Euro Pumps achieved a reduction of 150 kilolitres per DAY to the cleaning cycle. Once you calculate the cost of buying the water, handling and lastly treating the used water for dispersing back into the sewerage system, this saving adds up very quickly.

Additionally the chemical consumption was reducing the usage by 50 litres of one chemical and 23 bags of another chemical per DAY.

Delivering export quality results every cycle!

Talk to us about our fast, efficient contract cleaning services today. Call us on 0407 123 850 to discuss your requirements and find out how much time and money you could be saving!
Alternatively, email your questions to us.

Innovation and market leading technology

The Euro Pumps difference expertise is backed up by our dedication to technical innovation and our passion for achieving excellent results that meet the ever-changing landscape of food safety standards. We provide a comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services, chemicals and equipment. Our international network and industry expertise ensure you are provided with innovative cost saving-initiatives that meet compliance requirements – giving you peace of mind.

Real world experience

With real food industry cleaning experience and university level engineering qualifications Euro Pumps are in a unique position to have firsthand expert knowledge of the skills, standards, and processes needed to achieve cleaning to export level standards.  Euro Pumps are not a typical company, our real-world cleaning knowledge that enables us to find practical solutions to your water use and cleaning problems.

Cleaning options

  • Outsourced Cleaning: Euro Pumps takes full responsibility for the site Hygiene. We would recruit, induct, and train all the cleaning staff and provide an onsite supervisor and or manager depending on the size of your plant.

  • Outsourced Manager & Training of inhouse cleaners: Your company employs all the cleaning staff directly and provides all the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, protective clothing and consumables and Euro Pumps provide onsite training, supervisors and manager (depending on the size of your plant).

  • Training of inhouse cleaners: Your company employs all the cleaning staff directly and provides all the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, protective clothing, and consumables.
  • One-off & On-Demand Cleaning: Euro Pumps provides a wide range of One-off & On-Demand Cleaning outcomes, AQIS Audits, Drains Cleans, Chimney, Flue and Shute Cleaning, Freezers & Chiller Cleans and Loading Dock Cleans.
  • Off-Site Cleaning, of Bread Trays, Pans, Trays, Moulds, Totes, Lugs, Fish Boxes, Bins, Crates, Baskets, Buckets and Lids.
Drain Cleaning