One-off & On-Demand Cleaning

Calgiene provides a wide range of One-off & On-Demand Cleaning and emergency response outcomes for drains, Chimney, Flues, Shutes and AQIS Audits.  Please call us to discuss your unique needs and required time frame.

AQIS Audits

For those that don’t know, a visit from a AQIS auditor can extremely thorough, the auditor can and will look at anything and everything (Inside, outside, Roof, Drains, documentation; ANYTHING). Calgiene have a plan to deal with every item that is touched during an AQIS audit. You should be aware a audit clean plan normally requires a two week plan to work around normal production and cleaning.  

Freezers & Chiller Cleans

Thorough cleaning of overheads is important for cleaning & hygiene, it can also effect running costs, maintenance and production issues with refrigeration units having to work harder to get to temperature. Calgiene has the experience to clean even the largest chiller, our mix of pressure, water temperature and the correct chemical will give you perfect swab results and a sweet-smelling chiller.

Drains Cleans

Blocked drains are a nightmare, can cause environmental problems, interfere with production, and cost you thousands in lost labour. Also cleaning your drains regularly will reduce the potential for recurring Listeria contamination and blockages. Once in place Listeria is exceedingly difficult to kill or control with sanitizers and disinfectants because of its protective film or slime layer. Listeria is particularly hard to eliminate in wet areas such as drains and refrigeration as it is capable of growth even at 5°C, and if present will repeatedly re-contaminate connected rooms and equipment.

Chimney, Flue and Shute Cleaning

Chimney fires a potentially catastrophic and expensive.  Chimney fires are usually caused by either a stray spark or high temperatures that ignite product buildup in the chimney. Most ovens and fryers produce is a highly combustible substance that often looks sticky and tar-like. This build-up also reduces the cooking process effectiveness.

Post Shutdown Cleans

Mothballing a plant requires a plan to leave it in a condition that is able to be restored at a later date without excess expense.

Ingredients Room Cleans

Ingredients rooms and blending rooms require special care as they create the foundation taste, and it is important not to contaminate or dampen any of the products. Calgiene has experience and procedures in place to ensure a fast and reliable ingredient room and blending room clean.

Loading Dock Cleans

Regular loading dock cleaning is important, every product you make passes through your docks are the main hub of activity for your company’s distribution of materials and products.  In every company, the ability to load and unload merchandise quickly can seriously impact the profitability of the company.  

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