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Need repairs or maintenance with your Satellite or Foaming Systems?

Contact us to arrange a consultant to contact you to discuss the best options for your cleaning requirements and see the difference.

Built to your individual specifications

Every Euro Pumps/Calgiene Crate Washing System is Australian Made and Custom Built to each customer’s individual specifications.  This means you get a machine to suit your crates, your speed and a size to best suit your facility.  A major advantage in purchasing a Euro Pumps/Calgiene machine is that is can be upgraded with multi-task options enabling you to clean and foam your factory, wash down equipment, clean floors, clean drains, wash vehicles and much more.

Cleaning Starts with Listening

Your Euro Pumps/Calgiene consultant will work with you to identify what you need out of the system and then design a solution around your needs.  We consider speed, footprint, hot/cold water, automatic chemical dosing, dryers and unload/load table or conveyors ensuring you get a system that is tailored for your needs.  Euro Pumps/Calgiene Crate Washing Systems are ideal for crates, tubs, lugs & totes, plastic milk crates, bread baskets, lids, bakery pans, muffin trays, berry pots, seedling trays and more.


  • Labour savings – Drastically reduce cleaning time reducing the time it takes to carry out this cleaning task. A typical system will reduce labour by 1-2 staff AND better than halve the time taken to do the job.
  • Highest Quality EXPORT Clean – Making quality control is simple so the cleaning quality is very consistent. The conveyor speed controls the quality.
  • Correct Rate of Clean – Our systems are capable of cleaning from 400 to 1200 crates per hour. Then you pay for what you need.
  • Do you have multiple crate types or cutting boards? The machines can take several different items as our rails will suit this. (*pending discussion with EP/Calgiene Engineer).

Each system is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel and are fitted with a Euro Pumps Smart Sense Pump control system and high-quality components.

Staff Training

  • As part of purchasing our Crate Washing System, we include a Full Training Program. We provide all the necessary training and support to ensure that you get the best results from your crate washing system. You will have your own login account online.
  • Ongoing refresher training can be supplied.
  • Correct PPE can be supplied with training.


Your choice of maintenance options, we can do it, we can help you do it or you can do it. Our team of skilled technicians provide all the necessary training and support to ensure that you get the best results from your crate washing system.

Euro Pumps/Calgiene Crate Washing Systems are used in export grade plants where food safety and quality are vital and is highly dependent upon sanitation. The Crate Washing System is ideal for prepared foods ingredients, ready meals, bakeries, snack foods, abattoirs, vegetable processors, pet food, seedling nursery’s, dairy, brewery, confectionery, distilleries, meat and poultry.

Satellite and

Foaming Systems

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