Water use reports

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Water Use Assessment 

Let a Calagiene engineer cast an experienced eye over your facilities and cleaning programs water use. With 20 years’ experience in reducing water use food in processing facilities, Calagiene has a the experience and knowledge to be able to assess, evaluate, scrutinise and identify areas of process improvement across all aspects of your plants water use during productions and cleaning program. 

Our water use assessment consultation includes an on-site for a minimum of 2 cycles (1) Production & (1) cleaning. This allows us to fully assess the existing program, understanding and measuring the water usage and chemical usage, as well as the labour units being used on each task throughout the facility.  * Note If your plant runs different processes on different shifts/day/times you will require additional time.

We then assemble a detailed report identifying water use by areas with any recommended changes and upgrades needed to maximise water use efficiency, and any additional improvements that are necessary. After consulting with you as to your long terms plans the next step is taking the assessment through to the upgrade planning, and proposal stage, where Calagiene staff will attend site to implement the appropriate and agreed changes that will deliver efficiency gains. It is sound business practice to regularly evaluate processes, to confirm that maximum efficiencies are being gained. We will help you do this, as well as ensuring that you have the highest standard of cleaning quality outcomes!

We can pass on our knowledge and efficient processes to your cleaning team.

Our Engineer

Anthony Field BA., BETC. (Electrical and Electronic).  Anthony is a specialist industrial water consultant and CIP analyst he is a dual degree graduate with 20 plus years’ experience in the food processing industry.  

Ultrasonic water measuring kit

Our Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter is specifically designed for use on a wide range of pipe sizes. The clamp on design does NOT require shutdown of flow or penetration of the pipe in any way.

VIEW Redacted sample reports

Redacted sample reports are available showing water reductions obtained on a range of food production processes

Key Points

  1. A Calgiene water use assessment is affordable, In EVERY case where recommendations have been made savings in water and labour have paid for the total cost of upgrades in weeks or months. In most cases there are water savings to be made, and we have independently verified cases of water savings of 85~90% on rotating drum screens, contra-shears and hashers. With water savings of more than 50% on CIP systems.
  2. Typically, it is a 1~2 hour site visit (1 per shift & 1 during cleaning) by our engineer along with an ultrasonic water measuring kit, this device straps to the outside of your pipe work, this process does not require any plumbing changes.
  3. Over the site visit our engineer will track along the infeed and outfeed water lines to chart where your water is being used and disposed, looking for water savings.
  4. After the visit you will receive a water use report, suggesting process improvements or equipment changes that will reduce your water use, and reduce wastewater charges.
  5. You are under NO obligation to purchase.



water usage reports

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